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i met a heap of albanian bros today it was interesting 

syedaaj’s parents drove me home during ramadan and im forever in their debt because of that lol

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Father and child on the road to Bamian, North Afghanistan. 1967.

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Modern warfare is Haram. 

Nuclear Weapons are Haram. 

Tanks are Haram. 

Machine guns are Haram. 

Suicide bombings are Haram. 

Where is your qualifications to issue these opinions? You don’t have the authority to say what is haraam or not.

Are they not haram? When they go against the rules of fighting in the way of Allah, as quoted by our prophet? When what I’ve listed are the innovations of nonMuslims. So much so that they can’t discriminate between child/woman/nature/food/and combatant? Ofcourse they’re haram. They are created by people who don’t know the way Allah has ordained for us to fight.

What is your proof for them being haraam? Bidah isn’t determined by technology. I don’t see how tanks and machine guns are haraam. Do you expect us to run at someone with a sword when someone has a MiG? When the Quran says “muster up your steeds of war”, maaaany contemporary tafsirs of the Quran even include [tanks, planes, etc…] after this. I highly doubt that this fatwa of yours is superior to the opinions of members of every school of thought, regardless of sect or madhab. 

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